Hello, World. We Are Empathy/CX.


Now, more than ever, brands need more contextual empathy within and across their customer engagement marketing. At Empathy/CX, we believe the crafted combination of empathy and utility make for great customer experiences that create value.

We believe that audiences thought of as "consumers" are treated as units on spreadsheets.

We believe that audiences thought of as "customers" are treated and served as humans, with feelings and needs.

Our purpose is to serve Clients in delivering great human-centric creative content experiences for their customers, prospects and employees - to meet and exceed audience and business objectives.

Our vision is to be a leading creative and CX marketing agency - engaged with national brands and growing local businesses - and to become the destination (or connected gig partner) for the industry's most talented, ambitious, empathetic and enthusiastic strategic and creative professionals. We will grow and extend to be where our Clients need us to be, as they wish - closest to the customer wins!

Our intent is to take an active role in the continuing revitalization of downtown Greensboro and build from here. 

Together as E/CX Associates, we'll create an environment and culture that is inclusive and diverse, conducive to creativity and innovation, with transparency, empowerment, growth and development opportunities - and compensation matched to what the very best talents expect and deserve. Our Associates will engage as true owners of their businesses and participate in success at delivering value to our Clients and their audiences.

Our Clients will realize excellent value, efficiency and competitive rates because we'll deliver superior talents and teams in service to their objectives while sustaining low overheads with "working" management. 

We are excited to be on our way